These 3 Habits Have Contributed the Most to My Financial Freedom and Happiness as An Ambitious Single-Mother Of 5.

Elisa Card
10 min readDec 14, 2022
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I have a story for you, and it’s a metaphor,

But first, I realized that these 3 things catapulted my situation from mess to magnificence as a young single mother with 5 toddler boys; I think it’s important to know and probably super valuable to you. As a mother. Whatever your situation is.

Creating a dream life under the sun:

I have created a dream life under the sun for my 5 boys; we crossed the ocean, 6000 miles away, and I started my business and generated a 6-figure business in the design industry within a few years.

So, I am writing this to share with you the 3 Habits that you need to know that will help you reach financial and emotional independence.

If you are a busy working mother, overwhelmed, or a single mother struggling with your separation or divorce or the transition you are facing or experiencing, this will help you a lot.

They have contributed the most to my financial independence and emotional freedom after escaping the 10-year toxic relationship I was in.

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So, if you are ready to Discover How to Amplify your Inner Peace, Impact, and Income! Here’s what you need to know:

And if you want to take a step further, and you are ready to end the suffering and clear the messy and crisis situation you are living in now, to the sense of your warm inner confidence and the significant feeling of: “how nice it must be to have a Daddy at home waiting,” even better, “a loving man who comes to the park with the children, the kids, the teenagers, and play,” also “I would love to increase my income” retrieve the family harmony, and create abundance in every way, you can actually click this link and fill up an application, to speak to me or a nice member of my team. To take you through the process and actually talk…



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