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Elisa Card
4 min readDec 21, 2016
Biarritz — Summer 2017, my first year blogging

My Story:

So more and more, recently, I had this voice inside of me, saying ‘you have a story to tell’ and being a mother of 5 boys, single Mom for twenty years, surmounting adversity, raising the boys, running a business, struggling to provide a decent living, all of this at the same time, all this make me the woman I am now.

And during adversity and difficult time, I’ve always felt and willing to go forward. Yet I always kept a smile on my face. Invariably, for the last 20 years, all my friends and acquaintances told me they couldn’t believe I could do all this by myself and still look amazing, optimistic, and happy all the time.

That bliss inside me every day pushed me to get my words out, reach my dreams, make this dream a reality, and send my help and advice to the world.

This is how I did it!!! Let me tell you about it!

You may also feel the same and understand that your story may be beneficial for someone. Don’t hesitate to follow your bliss.

Owning my story!

I had an amazing transformation in my life, actually my inner life and outer life.

In 2003, I moved back from the USA to Paris, France, with my 5 sons; I started working in a renowned Palace, at a great job. Nevertheless, all the time, I was thinking about having my own business, being free of my time, and making more money.

In 2004, I thought about starting a website … I had web-builders, advisers around me ready to help. Still, I needed the ‘idea,’ the great idea of what to sell, what merchandise to promote… and NO, I didn’t want to go again into the heavy pieces of furniture or decoration items …. Any merchandise! Too much logistics, too heavy, etc.… NO MERCHANDISE… so what ???

And five years passed by, and then I was making a living at a corporate 9–5 ‘boring’ job, and persistently I was thinking about doing something on my own.

Then in 2014, something happened.
A bad for a good!!! 😉

The Idea

I had minor surgery and had to stay home for all four weeks of June… perfect good time to…



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