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Mothers: The Biggest Hack You Should Use to Solve Your Problem

Elisa Card
5 min readAug 1, 2022

All mothers, working mothers, go through the same emotions,

Stress, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, jealousy, and frustration are often due to past pains, like rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice.

These wounds play a major role in your lives since they condition your behavior, relationships with others, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Do you relate? If yes, continue reading; this is from me to you.

What challenges are you currently facing in your life as a working mother? As a divorced or separated mom or an unhappy married mother?

When you are an overwhelmed mother, you feel lonely and lost, and you have low self-esteem because of a lack of confidence.

You want to cry!

The worst is that you get into these emotions and sometimes stay there for years: nurturing feelings of fear, rage, sadness, and sometimes guilt, mothers’ guilt, resentment, jealousy, and anxiety.

Here’s my true story

As a young mother of 5 boys, I became a single mom at 33; I found myself broke, pregnant, and alone with already 4 toddler sons…



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