Maximizing Mom’s Minutes: A Lean Approach From Chaos to Control

Elisa Card
7 min readApr 14, 2024

Supermom Series — Maximizing Mom’s Minutes: A Lean Approach to 3 Time Management Tips for Busy Mothers (Part One)

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From Chaos to Control: How Lean Manufacturing Principles Transform Time Management for Moms

The Supermom series has been co-authored by Kristen Lydecker and Elisa Card (me).

When you first became a Supermom and imagined your daily life, did you envision a constant race against time? You probably thought you could do it all and do it perfectly.

For many of us, this vision is not our reality. Well, every superhero has a villain, and ours is Time.

We need to band together in our battle against Time!

As a five-son, single mom at a time, sole breadwinner, and entrepreneur for 30 years, I value the importance of freedom, emotional and financial.

When we met with Kristen, my attention was caught when I heard about her unique copywriting and “industrial lean” skills.

For several years, I have been interested in bringing “industrial lean principles” into my specific program for “mothers.” So, I decided to partner with…



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