Fascinating Lessons I Learned in Finding The Purpose of My Life!

For my whole life, I’ve been a leader…. without knowing it officially

Elisa Card


ELISA CARD looking at herself in the mirror, while making up her eyes with khol dark-brown crayon.
Photo Credit: Delphine Perrault — Photographer, Biarritz for Elisa Card

At the dawn of this new year 2021, which is also the beginning of the year when I’ll grow under a new big number and 0 wrapped with wiseness, these are the fascinating lessons I learned, becoming myself truly.

=> Being the oldest of the three daughters,

Taking care of my two younger sisters

Being responsible. Reliable.

Leading by example.

This has been all my life, with no warning…

=> Becoming the mom in charge, as a CEO Chief Executive Officer, of my 5-son-tribe as a single-mom and breadwinner.

Recovering. Rising up.

=> Becoming an international entrepreneur, across oceans,

And with a passion...

=> Now, an entrepreneur leader, well-being coach @elisacardhappy www.elisacard.com

And with pride…

=> Becoming the Leader of the Global Woman Club PARIS as the Regional Director @globalwomanclubparis GlobalWomanClubPARIS

Being strong. Focused.


In, oh, so many ups and downs and challenging moments.

The other side of that (because where there’s light there is always dark)...

Has been

My inability in being really ready, with some unorganized plans but intentions... and my uncommon detachment regarding time, almost not being conscious of the time passing by.

My constant need to make sure everyone is always feeling well and happy,

My constant desire to grow and build for more wellness, for everyone.

A life lived to learn to lead!

Energized, Discouraged, Positive, Passionate. Success. Failure.
Proud, Thrilled, Happy!



Elisa Card

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