Fascinating Lessons I Learned in Finding The Purpose of My Life!

For my whole life, I’ve been a leader…. without knowing it officially

Elisa Card
2 min readDec 30, 2020
ELISA CARD looking at herself in the mirror, while making up her eyes with khol dark-brown crayon.
Photo Credit: Delphine Perrault — Photographer, Biarritz for Elisa Card

At the dawn of this new year 2021, which is also the beginning of the year when I’ll grow under a new big number and 0 wrapped with wiseness, these are the fascinating lessons I learned, becoming myself truly.

=> Being the oldest of the three daughters,

Taking care of my two younger sisters

Being responsible. Reliable.

Leading by example.

This has been all my life, with no warning…

=> Becoming the mom in charge, as a CEO Chief Executive Officer, of my 5-son-tribe as a single-mom and breadwinner.

Recovering. Rising up.

=> Becoming an international entrepreneur, across oceans,

And with a passion...

=> Now, an entrepreneur leader, well-being coach @elisacardhappy www.elisacard.com

And with pride…

=> Becoming the Leader of the Global Woman Club PARIS as the Regional Director @globalwomanclubparis GlobalWomanClubPARIS

Being strong. Focused.



Elisa Card

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