Be Different, Be Happy… Be You !!! Huge benefits revealed.

Elisa Card
6 min readAug 12, 2016
Elisa Card & her six sons, on her wedding day — photo: Delphine Pernaud, photograph — Biarritz


Do you sometimes feel that you are less efficient? Less in shape? With less success in your life? Do you feel less confident?

Do you feel less valuable than others? Do you feel less loveable?

If you are reading this post, it means you know what I mean. We all have felt that doubting sensation of less value, one day or another.

We’ve all been there. Could have been due to race, ethnicity, gender, physical difference, or sexual orientation.

If you feel unlovable in any way, create a new image of yourself. Your perfect image. And become emotionally involved with that image, as often as possible, thinking and FEELING what it is like to be that person.

But that’s not all, there’s much more to that, and the benefits are immense.

I will tell you what I have found out to be of great help to modify this questioning and it is scientifically proven.

You can be different and be happy, and be you!

Whether you are young or whether you are young in heart, a mother, a millennial, an employee, a manager, a grand-parent, let me tell you this:

The fact that you are alive in this world, you have all the opportunities to be yourself, each and every day.

Express yourself! Don’t be shy to show your uniqueness, others will benefit from you.

You may be an artist with a fun talent or a very creative pastry-chef.
The more diversity, the more creativity!

We have the Universe with us. The Universe is your best friend, for many reasons and I’ll explain why:

Think about how many different flowers, birds, trees, animals live on our planet. The ocean offers a full variety of magnificent colored different species. Each has a deep value. And a reason to be here.



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