7 Key Facts That You Should Know About Leadership as a Parent

Here’s what Elisa Card, Entrepreneur & Mom with 5 Boys is Saying About Leadership as A Parent

Elisa Card
3 min readAug 26, 2020
1967 — My family
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Leadership as a parent;

Leadership is fascinating, to my eyes, for many reasons.

And leadership was around me always from childhood to professional career.

But first, with love, pride, and gratitude, I dedicate this post to my Mother.

Reality is that I was born in a family of four, two younger sisters, and one older brother (very close in age), so I was a leader-by-rank already with my two younger sisters.

My Mother has always been a leader, and a value figure — my Dad, was too, with his kindness, care, joy, and thoughtfulness.

My Mother is a commander-in-chief, a woman-boss. Very kind and loving, but determined and leading the house with virtual principles, which remains forever, already taught by her parents.

Therefore, both of them showed us how to be ourselves and taught us how to make a difference.

Now, as a parent of 5 sons myself, I have been continuously in situations where I transfer value to another person.



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